Projekt: „A houseboat for life”

A houseboat for life

Who: Julia H. and Dave B.

Where: Berlin

What: Houseboat

With what: Engineered wood flooring Trendtime 8 Oak Smoked Elephant Skin wide plank

The two kitesurfers Julia H. and Dave B. are naturally adventuresome. The desire to combine city living with water and wind led them to the joint idea of building a houseboat. "We live in Berlin," says Julia, an elementary school teacher, while looking at Dave, who is a freelancer in the online sector. Like many Berliners, both of them are drawn to traveling. The option of being able to change their geographical focus at any time was one of the reasons for the joint project. Realising it took a lot of time and commitment. But one important step is now done: "It floats and it is balanced. Moving this behemoth from land to water was pretty exciting," says Julia H.

The interior finishing came next. Wood was to be the main material outside as well as inside, to create a perceptible connection to the surrounding nature even indoors. In the search for the perfect floor for the interior areas, they immediately noticed Parador's high quality. They applied to our "40 years - 40 projects" contest. And they were delighted when Parador decided to support the houseboat project with the engineered wood flooring Oak Smoked Elephant Skin wide plank. The flooring now complements the river panorama of the floating home and will get to see many landscapes and cities.

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