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Parador plays sports

TSV Meerbusch sports club


Flooring in a multi-functional building


  • Vinyl Basic 4.3 Oak Royal light-limed wide plank

Gymnastics, health-related sports and football form the largest disciplines in the TSV Meerbusch sports club.

The club, based in a former schoolhouse from the 1930s, decided after many years of use to grow and renovate the club centre in the attic.

Parador supported the TSV Meerbusch registered association with Vinyl flooring Basic 4.3 Oak Royal light-limed wide plank.

They laid the flooring voluntarily on their own initiative. When asked what the new flooring is like Johannes P., the club's first chairman, answered short and sweet, "great!" Where carpet flooring and creaky wooden planks used to be, the new flooring now ensures optimum conditions.

"Health-related sports and yoga will also be done here. It's much better now, more pleasant, also for hygienic reasons."

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