Projekt: „An open-plan house with a warm heart”

An open-plan house with a warm heart


Yuri and Holger S.




Ground floor of open-plan town house

With what:

  • Trendtime 9 engineered wood flooring: oak basalt Old Block pattern
  • Skirtings: Monochrome white gloss D003


Ceramics artist Yuri and Product Manager Holger live with their two daughters, Minna (6) and Yara (3), in an open-plan town house in Bonn. Over the past nine years, the German-Korean family has adapted the house step-by-step to fit their changing needs. They were not big fans of the austere, cold tiles on the ground floor. The whole family enjoys walking around barefoot, but three-year-old Yara particularly loves sitting and playing on the floor.

Parador supported the family by providing oak basalt Old Block pattern Trendtime 9 engineered wood flooring. With this support, they were able to entirely redesign the ground floor and install new underfloor heating with Yuri in mind: in her homeland of Korea, the floor is an active part of life and so heating it is the norm. Warm underfoot and with a vintage style, the natural oak basalt Old Block engineered wood flooring lends the room a truly cosy feel for the whole family to enjoy.


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