Projekt: „Right from the start on a great floor”

Right from the start on a great floor

Monia B. and the Midwives from the Start


Midwives from the start

With what:

  • Oak Studioline Antique Wide plank Vinyl basic

Childrens’ ringing smiles, first steps, expecting mothers’ faces - it's all in a day’s work at “Hebammen Von Anfang An” (Midwives From the Start). “We support everything from before to after,” explains Monika B., one of the two managers of the practice. Young families receive all-round medical care here, and so much more: Pregnancy yoga, baby massage, mum & baby exercise classes, playgroups, a mum’s café - all this creates a feeling of community among expecting and brand-new mums. Friendships are made here, and they often last until the kids are in nursery school. Monika created this feel-good oasis jointly with Julia J., and it's going well - so well that they can now move to a bigger location.

But this bigger location had a cold stone floor in the classroom - the heart of the practice - that was very unsuitable for crawling infants.

Parador supports the important work of the midwives with Vinyl flooring Oak Studioline antique wide plank. This flooring is perfect for everyday practice: Warm, comfortable, non-slip, and very durable - a core requirement when working with toddlers. Mopping, cleaning, and disinfecting now takes no time at all. “You can simply do everything on it,” applauds Monika. With the wood look, the whole room now appears much brighter and warmer - no trace left of the uncomfortable tiles. The change is a hit: “We have already received so many compliments on the new floor,” says Monika.

“It is truly an important contribution for all the women and families that come to us.

All I can say is: Thank you, Parador!”


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