Projet: „Coworking-Space Ahoy!”

A new basis for creativity

Co-working space Ahoy!


Conference room

With what:

  • Oak wide plank Rustikal (1396114)

The atmosphere is serenely hectic, with a fair sprinkling of young creative faces and the odd robot. The dress code is skinny jeans and hipster beards. You can hear snatches of English among the German. Then there are the coloured Post-its, old fishing nets on the wall and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. This is the list of what you encounter when you visit Ahoy! (with exclamation mark), a new co-working space in Berlin. This melting pot of creative ideas lurks within an old factory building in Wedding, a district of Germany’s capital city. The involvement of around 15,000 people confirms Berlin as the main citadel of the country’s start-up sector. It is also the fifth-largest employee in Berlin, with co-working as the preferred format. Nikita Roshkow and Nikolas Woischnik set up Ahoy! in 2012. “The biggest advantage for businesses and freelancers alike is the social fabric of the co-working space. There is an exchange of ideas between the like-minded, and also the not so like-minded, in a way that offers easy access to alternative perspectives and other areas of business”, according to Nikolas Woischnik. The two partners make an active contribution to creative life in Berlin that goes beyond their co-working space. Apart from running Ahoy!, Nikolas is also regularly involved in “Tech Open Air”, a four-day festival designed to bring together technology, economics, politics and science for the mutual benefit of all four. With its roots in Berlin, the event has now also taken place in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Texas. Messrs Roshkow and Woischnik nevertheless both agree that “there is still plenty of room for upward expansion in Berlin as the creative capital.” The foundations are already in place. Parador has enhanced the conference room (and central meeting point, brainstorming venue and discussion facility of the co-working space) with the modern, durable flooring Oak wide plank Rustikal. Blue-sky ideas for a better future are now more likely to emerge there daily, inspired by the equally big sky behind Berlin’s landmark TV tower and beyond.

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