Projet: „The dance school”

The dance school

Heike Kiel and her dance school Dance ConneXtion


Dance studio floor

With what:

  • Vinyl flooring Basic concrete grey tile look
  • Akustik-Protect 100 underlay
  • Skirting boards in plain white


When Heike K. started working with children and adolescents in 2006, she still worked in private rooms. Since then, dance as a developmental support for children and adolescents has been part of the programme. "I have the best job in the world," beams the teacher and movement therapist, who moved into a shop in Essen with her dance school Dance ConneXtion in 2015. The room's acoustics are key to the rhythm and give direct feedback on your movements. Haptics play an important role when it comes to physical memory and body language, whether breakdancing or dancing with toddlers.

Parador supported the dance school with the vinyl flooring Basic 4.3 concrete grey tile look, the decor skirting boards in plain white and the Akustik-Protect 100 underlay. Since the new floor has been laid, the acoustics have improved dramatically. "Now it's really fun to jump around," tells Heike K. in the interview. The breakdancers are also delighted with the new spinning sensation without mouldings and protruding edges. One breakdancer said, "it's perfect for dancing now because it lets you slide so well."

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