Project: „A new bathroom for the girls-flat”

A new bathroom for the girls-flat

Rahel, Jamila and Lily



With what:

  • Concrete Grey Tile look
  • Skirting board Plain White D001

Leipzig 2012: Jamila, Rahel and Lily’s never-ending project begins with their commitment to doing up their shared accommodation themselves. The three girls had to take on the role of a full construction crew: cutting and laying their own floors, lovingly renovating windows and doors and repairing anything they could. But Leipzig has not escaped the shifts in the housing market unscathed: prices are rising and the flat has to shrink. With their typical hands-on attitude, the flatmates see the funny side, revealing: “It only brought us closer together. We couldn’t afford such a big living space any more. So, with the walls moved and the living space smaller, the never-ending project is ready to enter phase two.” And with that, the old laundry room had to be fitted out as a bathroom, fast. The three had always considered the laundry room a “point of shame” in their flat. Water and electricity were already taken care of, but unfortunately they ran out of time, energy and money before finishing. But even without a bath, the flatmates kept their chins up, appealing to Parador with a funny video about their latest plight.

Parador supported the project with high-quality concrete grey tile-look vinyl planks, which suit the soon-to-be bathroom down to the ground. As well as looking stylish, the solid material vinyl planks are also waterproof, making them a perfect choice for flooring in wet areas. The DIY-loving trio got to grips with the Click mechanism quickly and now they have a new floor in their bathroom, providing a little more quality of life.

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