Project: „Foundations for the future”

Foundations for the future

Jenny and her parents Beate and Ingo



With what:

  • Oak Tree Plank wide plank

29 year old Jenny S. probably would not have completed her interior design studies quite as quickly without her parents Beate and Ingo: Not only because she was always able to depend on her parents, but also because she did not have to bear the financial burden of her degree alone. A great reason for Jenny to say “thanks”. The open kitchen is the focal point of her parent's home - but the old floor dates from 1950, is full of splinters and irregularities. Jenny knew that her parents had been dreaming of a new floor for a long time but just didn’t have the time yet - so the Parador campaign came in handy. She participated in her parent’s name - without telling them about it. The surprise was a success: “They were overjoyed and could hardly believe it.” Parador supports the family with the engineered wood floor Oak Tree Plank wide plank. Jenny took time off for the installation. Together with Ingo she is turning it into a “father-daughter project.” The result is remarkable: The kitchen shines in new splendour and Jenny’s parents can enjoy a lasting symbol of thanks from their daughter.

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