Project: „Well equipped for the future”

Well equipped for the future

Harald J.


Entire store area und workshop

With what:

  • Aca­cia Grey ships­deck Laminate flooring
  • Unterboden Akustik Protect 100

Whether it is classic cars, motorbikes, furniture, chairs or caravans – as long as it has upholstery, Harald J. is the right man for the job, as he is a trained interior decorator. His craft involves making and repairing all kinds of upholstery, and even curtains have a place in his workshop. Now, after 30 years of professional experience in Berghaupten (Baden-Württemberg), the craftsman has turned self-employed. “Now was the right time to do it. If not now, then I will never,” Harald laughs. No sooner said than done – he took over an old workshop and immediately set about renovating it. One of the first measures: out with the carpet flooring. But which flooring should take its place?

Harald applied for one of the 40 projects from Parador – and won. As a result, his business start-up is now supported with the Acacia Grey laminate flooring. Harald had already worked with similar flooring before, and he was not disappointed this time either. “It gives you so much more, so you have more of a desire to work,” he says enthusiastically. The light grey colour and wood look are much more modern and brighter than before, he says. “It is simply a very different atmosphere.” His workshop now appears in a whole new light – even customers can now enter the workshop. Harald is thoroughly satisfied: “From the application to delivery and installation, everything went smoothly,” he praises. “I just wanted to say a big thank you.” You are welcome.

40 winnaars kunnen de vloer aanvegen

Ter gelegenheid van onze 40e verjaardag hebben wij 40 projecten ondersteund met een nieuwe vloer. Maak hier kennis met de winnaars

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